In Florida, there are several strategies available to those applying for Medicaid to protect your savings, life earnings and assets before you apply for Medicaid. Medicaid can be used to pay for some or all of the expenses to those living in a nursing home, assisted living facility or at home without waiting five years. Medicaid is for those 65 or older or has been deemed disabled.

The Florida Supreme Court requires a licensed attorney to perform Medicaid planning. Our attorneys have more than 30 combined years of experience in getting clients qualified for Medicaid with a 100% approval rate.

Many fear they cannot afford to pay out of pocket for many of the services required for their aging or disabled loved one. Others worry that their hard-earned savings will be depleted quickly. Our affiliated attorneys at Complete Elder Solutions will bring expertise and provide strategies that can qualify an individual while preserving their assets detailing a plan that Have you been to tell your loved one cover days has ended or ended by coverage of Medicare. Feeling overwhelmed because you can no longer provide care.

Programs Covered by Medicaid:

  • Institutional Care Program (ICP) NURSING HOME 

Have you been told your loved one cover days have ended or ended by coverage of Medicare? Feeling overwhelmed because you can no longer provide care. Are you afraid of spending all monies or you will lose your home to Medicaid the state will take your home?

Start the Medicaid Application process TODAY so that you will not be forced to take your loved one home.

  • Home and Community-based Services (HCBS)

Are funds quickly depleting because you’ve been paying privately? Has your loved one care increased and you’ve been told your loved one requires another level of care? Let us help. Applying for the Home and community-based service pay toward the cost of care ranges from $1200-$1300.

Call us today and let us take the guesswork out and stress you are feeling now about qualifying for Medicaid. Help is here at Complete Elder Solutions. Our team of professionals is ready to assist if you are a nursing home and community-based service

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