Navigating complex health and social service systems can be daunting, and there may also be financial and legal issues to deal with. Our experienced CES team, which is comprised of Care Coaches, elder law attorneys, financial planners, and other professionals, can assist with tailoring a plan to address your specific needs, which may include arranging for home care, finding a long-term care facility, applying for Medicaid or VA benefits, estate planning and more.

We offer the following services:

Assurance Care Coaches Program

The Assurance membership program offers aging loved ones and their families the expertise and peace of mind of Care Coaching for critical health care decisions.

Whether help is needed with local caregiving or a family member lives miles away and can’t be there for a loved one, thousands have turned to Complete Elder Solution for effective and compassionate answers to a range of needs, all in one place. Assurance membership extends CES expertise to offer ready access to Care Coaches on an annual basis.

Assurance gives members telephone and online access to Care Coaches, who have extensive elder care experience helping families navigate their caregiving journey. Coaches are partners who can help assess a situation and identify needs and care options. As a care recipient’s needs evolve, Care Coaches can provide ongoing care planning and care coordination, as well as recommend appropriate personal care options and/or facilities. Assurance also provides families with CareTree, a caregiver support software application that centralizes critical information and allows easy, efficient communication with Care Coaches and family.

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Crisis Intervention

Our Care Coaches are readily available to assist in times of emergency. Whether there is an intensifying health crisis with you or a loved one, either at home or in a hospital, we can step in to assess the situation, communicate with the key parties involved, coordinate care and resources, and help form a plan for next steps.

Our Care Coaches can assist with the transition of an individual from one facility to another. Oftentimes, this transition is the catalyst for seeking Medicaid benefits for long-term care. You can learn more about our help with the Florida Medicaid Long-term Care Application here.

Help with the Florida Medicaid Application

You’ve just learned that a loved one should no longer be cared for at home. For many, one of the first steps is to apply for her/his Medicaid benefits to help finance placement in a long-term facility. During this stressful time, we’re here to help!

We understand that the application process for the Florida Department of Children and Families Automated Community Connection to Economic Self Sufficiency (ACCESS) program can be complicated and time-consuming. Any missteps when completing the application can result in lengthy delays or an outright denial for benefits. That’s why we’re offering two options to assist you in this process: a video guide that walks you through completion of the application and a service in which Complete Elder Solutions takes over the application process for you.

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Health Care Planning and Coordination

There many aspects to not only creating a health care plan for a loved one, but ensuring that the plan will be effective. Care Coaches can provide assistance locally, or can become the eyes and ears of those not living near their family member and coordinate for them a wide range of services.

Care Coaches can offer the following:

  • Comprehensive health and wellness assessments
  • Assistance with identifying medical professionals and coordinating appointments
  • Coordination of transport to appointments
  • Recommendations for, and monitoring of, home healthcare nurses, aides or companions
  • Selection of other caregivers and additional service providers
  • Oversight of home adaptations or modifications
  • Coordination of individual’s relocation
  • Oversight of grocery shopping or home meal delivery to ensure kitchen is stocked with healthy foods

Assistance with Transition to Home

At times, an aging loved one may have a stay at a hospital to treat an illness or have surgery. CES Care Coaches can be there every step of the way with guidance and information or can provide on-site assistance if you cannot be there yourself.

While a loved one is in the hospital, we can arrange visits and monitor his/her care and report on their progress. We can also take care of anything at the client’s home that needs attention from cleaning, repairs and maintenance, to pet sitting.

After discharge, we can monitor the transition from the hospital to the rehabilitation facility where the patient receives physical and occupational therapy. We will stay connected and oversee any further transfers, whether it is to another rehabilitation facility, an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or back home. Upon returning home, they may continue to receive nursing care or therapy and may also require assistance from a professional caregiver to assist with the activities of daily life or a homemaker. Our Care Coaches ensure that everyone involved is well-informed at every stage of the process and that their loved one is monitored continuously, whether family is 10 or 3000 miles away.

Specialized Veterans Benefits Expertise

Care Coaches and our team of specialists help veterans and their families understand and successfully pursue their legal rights and benefits. Navigating the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) can be challenging, and we can provide valuable guidance. Our affiliated attorneys and VA specialists can help with benefits individuals are entitled to as wartime veterans, such as benefits known as the AIDE and Attendance Benefit.

When legal and financial issues accompany changes in an individual’s health care status, CES can help by working with our partner legal and financial professionals who specialize in elder services. Our team of estate planning and elder law attorneys, financial planners, and CPAs are dedicated and highly specialized in their respective fields. With decades of combined experience, they are expert in assisting with decisions regarding disabilities, end-of-life issues, asset protection, transfer and disposition of assets, wealth management and investments, and taxes and real property, before and after death.

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Real Estate and Property Management

Maintaining your home or rental properties can be challenging, especially at times of illness. If needed, we can arrange property management services that help individuals and families maximize and retain occupancy, manage expenses, and optimize their return on investment.

And if your loved one will be downsizing from his or her current home to another, or moving into assisted living or another type of facility, our affiliated real estate professionals can help with listing a home for sale or rent.

Employee Caregiving Support Services

More and more, employers understand that their employees are struggling to balance work, kids and the care of parents or loved ones. Today, there is a caregiving crisis in the workplace. Employees who are caregivers spend an average of 13 hours per month searching for information, and fully 40% of caregivers leave their job to have more time to care for a loved one.

Our Employee Caregiver Support program is designed to provide expert guidance and personal support to employees who are struggling with the many aspects of caring for a loved one. Caregiver support services make it easier for employees to reach and implement care decisions and stay productive at work by:

  • Providing advice, answers, and reassurance
  • Educating staff on caregiving approaches, long-term care and other options for care, and ways to arrive at care decisions
  • Utilizing our expertise to investigate and find appropriate and available solutions for care that meet employees’ families’ unique circumstances and needs
  • Saving caregiving staff time and effort while providing the security of experienced, skilled oversight

By offering this benefit to caregivers, employers can contribute to the well-being of their staff and lower the high cost of absenteeism, lower productivity and higher employee turnover. We have a way your company can help their caregivers!

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