Complete Elder Solutions (CES) has been providing guidance on obtaining elder health care services as well as expert case management to families for 15 years. Whether you need help with caregiving or live miles away and can’t be there for your loved ones, you can turn to us for effective and compassionate solutions to a range of issues, all in one place.

Navigating complex health and social service systems can be daunting, and there may also be financial and legal issues to deal with. Our experienced team can tailor a health care plan to your specific needs, which may include arranging for home care, finding a long-term care facility, applying for Medicaid or VA benefits, estate planning and more. Our caring approach enables seniors to maintain their independence and dignity while providing you with peace of mind. If you or a loved one need support, we are here for you!


The Assurance program offers expert Care Coaching for critical health care decisions

The Assurance annual membership program provides caregivers with the comfort of knowing that they have access to the services of a dedicated team of Care Coaches. These care coordination experts will advocate for and support them with advice, resources and tools.

Assurance gives members telephone and online access to experienced Care Coaches who can help assess a situation and identify needs and care options. As a care recipient’s needs evolve, Care Coaches can provide ongoing care planning and care coordination, as well as recommend appropriate personal care options and/or facilities.

With Assurance membership, compassionate guidance and support are just a phone call away!

A Video Guide for Completing the Florida Medicaid Long-term Care Application

You’ve just learned that a loved one should no longer be cared for at home. One of your first steps is to apply for her/his Medicaid benefits to help finance placement in a long-term facility. During this stressful time, we’re here to help!

We’ve created an easy-to-follow Video Guide for Completing the Florida Medicaid Long-term Care Application that will make this process less burdensome and error-prone, and also may reduce the time it takes for you to receive a determination.

And if you would like to join hundreds of others who have trusted us to complete their application personally – from start to finish – we can offer you a Hands-on Medicaid Long-term Care Application service as well.

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Employee Caregiving Support Services – A Benefit for Both Employee and Employer

More and more, employers understand that their employees are struggling to balance work, kids and the care of parents or loved ones. Today, there is a caregiving crisis in the workplace.

  • Employees who are caregivers spend an average of 13 hours per month searching for information
  • Employees working remotely are taking on more responsibilities than ever before, even if their loved one is at a distance
  • 40% of caregivers leave their job to have more time to care for a loved one

Our Employee Caregiver Support program is designed to provide expert guidance and personal support to employees who are struggling with the many aspects of caring for a loved one. By offering this benefit to caregivers, employers can contribute to the well-being of their staff and lower the high cost of absenteeism, lower productivity and higher employee turnover.

We have a way your company can help their caregivers!

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Help with Medicaid Application

Apply for benefits successfully with our video guide.

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Services You Need All in One Place

We can help you select the right health care services based on your individual needs.

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Employee Caregiving Support

A benefit employers can offer to staff members who are caregiving for loved ones.

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Legal/Financial Expertise

We can link you to a team of attorneys, financial planners, and CPAs who specialize in elder matters.

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