The Assurance CARE COACHES program

The Assurance membership program offers aging loved ones and their families the expertise and peace of mind of Care Coaching for critical health care decisions.

Whether help is needed with local caregiving or a family member lives miles away and can’t be there for a loved one, thousands have turned to Complete Elder Solution for effective and compassionate answers to a range of needs, all in one place. Assurance membership extends CES expertise to offer ready access to Care Coaches on an annual basis.

Assurance gives members telephone and online access to Care Coaches, who have extensive elder care experience helping families navigate their caregiving journey. Coaches are partners who can help assess a situation and identify needs and care options.  As a care recipient’s needs evolve, Care Coaches can provide ongoing care planning and care coordination, as well as recommend appropriate personal care options and/or facilities.

A significant benefit of Assurance membership is access to CareTree, a caregiver support software application that centralizes critical information and allows easy, efficient communication with your Care Coaches as well as any family members that are involved with the care of a loved one. Automatic notifications of important updates are sent via email or text and all users can ask questions of Care Coaches and each other as well as respond to the latest news. By creating a communications “network,” information is shared in one portal, saving time and duplicated efforts and creating peace of mind.

Other features of CareTree include a centralized calendar that keeps all appointments in one place, which is a life saver when multiple family members or other caregivers are accompanying a loved one and schedules need to be coordinated. This application also allows for a centralized repository of medical information and documents that can be stored securely and accessed in one place.

Assurance membership benefits families in a great many ways.

Navigating a complex health care system can be overwhelming; Care Coaches understand how to work within the system and effectively communicate with health professionals and negotiate with facilities. This personalized support leads to better health care decisions, improved health outcomes and sustainable cost savings. Our years of experience save clients precious time and resources and promote an overall sense of security and peace of mind.

An Assurance membership provides the comfort of a dedicated team of Care Coaches who advocate for and support individuals and families with expert advice, resources and tools to help plan for current and future needs.

Benefits of our Assurance program:

  • Unlimited annual telephone access to Care Coaches
  • Comprehensive virtual assessment by a Care Coach
  • Development of care plan
  • Access to a caregiver support software application with helpful features such as:
    – shareable calendar to keep all appointments in one place
    – secure document storage for medical records, insurance information, and releases
    – medication list that is updated and reconciled
    – two-way communications function to communicate with Care Coaches and the entire family
  • Recommendations for providers, facilities, community resources, and more
  • Cost-effective annual fee of $299
  • Discount on additional CES services

Additional services:

If assistance is needed beyond the scope of the Assurance program, Complete Elder Solutions partners with a wide range of professionals with expertise in the aging and health care sector to offer related services, on a fee-for-service basis. These services provide assistance in areas that often need to be addressed in caregiving situations, encompassing not only health care and personal care but also legal matters, financial management, and at times, real estate.

Services include:

  • Assistance with the Florida Medicaid Application
  • Establishing a Qualified Income Trust
  • Legal document assistance such as Living Wills, Advance Directives, etc.
  • Assistance with VA benefits
  • Arranging packing and moving assistance
  • An additional benefit of Assurance program membership is a discount on any of these services.

Care Coaches partner with individuals, families, and health providers to ensure delivery of the very best health care.

“I could see that Mom was not doing great on her own in Florida, but, living out of state, I couldn’t be there as much as I wanted to be. Through Assurance, I better understood my mother’s situation and needs and they provided me with options for the support she needed to stay in her home. And, later, when more care was needed, my Care Coaches were right there for me with help to find the best assisted living facility for Mom. The Care Coaches at CES were a godsend for me and my mother.” – Tina S., Massachusetts

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